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Business Development

1 on 1 Support

Every business is unique and understanding the figures and making well informed decisions is vital.​ It is important to understand what drives you, what are your goals and what does success mean for you.

After introductions over the phone, we will set up a time to meet with you in person as we need to understand you, your motivations, your business and the areas you would like to address. After understanding your current situation, we will go to work on your behalf and present you with the best options and solutions.


We are experienced at working with many, very different companies and individuals from all walks of life.


We want to see your venture succeed and will monitor, coach and train you and/or the team..

We can assist with websites, social media, marketing, recruitment and training.

What are your goals?

1 on 1 Services Available

Intro to Business Group Course

Ongoing Support

We can do as much or as little as you need. Knowing you, your business and your goals is imperative.

We are a brains trust and offer down to earth, real support and advice. 

We can work with you and monitor your improvements and  progress, we can teach and guide you or we can do the job. The decision is yours. 

1 on 1 Services Available

Intro to Business Group Course

Group Training

We provide short, Industry specific gatherings in small groups and help you learn and understand business basics with like mined individuals.  

If you are new to business or want to improve your understanding of tax and finance our training offers networking, learning from each other and gives you the opportunity to find solutions to your specific scenarios.

1 on 1 Services Available

Intro to Business Group Course

GST Course
Time is TBD
What is GST, what are the benefits of being GST registered or not, expenses, log book and how to file and pay GST are all covered in this comprehensive GST course.